by kabuki

Not to have doubts about my heterosexuality, but I am in love with Aisha. Seriously.

I have had a huge girl crush on Sonam Kapoor ever since I’ve seen how chic and stylish she is in real life. She’s tall, beautiful, elegant and has a fresh innocence in her face which is such a welcome change from your regular straightened-hair (weighed down with too much product), faces made up to look like ‘glam-dolls in their skimpy dresses’ bollywood actresses.

Sonam must be thrilled to be playing a character like Aisha and she gets to do it in style with her tailored shorts,high waisted pants,Chanel skirt suits with bows and headbands in place. Aisha has got to be the most fashion forward film in Bollywood till date and by fashion forward I mean actual sophisticated style and elegance. Not this supposedly trendy business of putting on a couple of designer  handbags with tiny clothing and trying to pass it off as ‘fashion’.

Aisha releases tomorrow and my sister and I have already pre-booked our tickets :) Will post my views on the movie soon. I just know it will be fabulous.

How beautiful is this Ayesha Depala gown!!