Aisha – Review

by kabuki

While I completely understand if most people out there question my credibility for reviewing a film, I must clarify that the post will reflect only what I liked/did not like in the movie. I am not claiming to be a film critic and I do not claim to have the most intelligent insights on what makes a film good.

That said I will also mention that I loved Saawariya because of how beautiful the whole movie was. I loved the costumes and the sets and that was reason enough for me to love the movie. That and the towel dance (giggle).

AISHA is being dissed by most people because of lack of a strong script and supposedly bad acting by the female lead. For me none of that was reason enough to not like  the movie. Maybe I am just not that demanding or maybe I love Sonam too much.

Is it not enough that it is one of the most fashion forward Indian film, it has good music, the characters are believable, and not to mention fabulously dressed. Each character has been styled to perfection and their personalities are reflected in their choice of clothes and accessories.

My personal favourite is PINKY BOSE. I just loved her. Is it weird that every time she was in the frame, I would look only at her. I think Ira Dubey is perfect as the quirky and free – spirited Pinky. Reminded me of Emily Blunt in The Devil wears Prada, who I happened to like much more than the pansy prissy Andrea (played by Anne Hathaway).

Now most people have critiqued Sonam Kapoor for her acting, but I think she was pretty decent in parts and absolutely adorable in others (the scene where she’s gardening is delightfully charming). One reason why she is so convincing as the fabulous Aisha is because its so close to herself in real life. She is daddy’s little princess with a wardrobe twice the size of our bedrooms, so why be mad at her for being indulged? I love how Sonam isn’t trying to be too sexy and is instead elegant with an old world charm. This in no way means that I didn’t like Pinky’s hot pink bikini. It was fabulous :)

The men in the film don’t have much room to shine but I thought that Dhruv was super HOT :) Did not understand why they needed to turn him into a complete bad-ass in order to show why things don’t work between him and Aisha. I mean there are reasons other than the boy being a complete bum, for certain relationship prospects not working out. And the snide remark he makes about Aisha is completely out of character.

Abhay deol is amazing. I love him so much. I think of him all the time. I wish he’d marry me.Enough said.

My review is quite biased because I love the fashion in the film. Wouldn’t have loved it half as much had the actors been badly dressed and had they not used as many hair accessories as they did. Go headbands! see the video and you’ll know why.