I spy(Icepice) London eye

by kabuki

So this was definitely one of my most satisfying days in London. I looked good, I got to see all of London from a giant wheel, The weather was perfect, I got to wear my wayfarers and yes I was a happy soul.

The dress is Miss Selfridge, which I got from Sarojini Nagar and with a little bit of mending, it was good to go. The ballet flats are from H&M, had to buy these for lack of comfortable footwear, which does become a necessity after walking around in fabulous shoes leaves you with blisters and actual blood on your shoes(true story,I kid you not)

The pantyhose are from H&M and are a little tight for me, the crotch hangs down a bit but I just love them too much to let go. Have had them forever.

The bag is again H&M and my sister had bought for 25 Euros and sadly it was half off a month back.

So I recently discovered an amazing(and really young) blogger from India. She’s quite famous so you might know about her already. love her writing. Very witty and almost matching views on a lot of things :)

She blogs at http://fabblab.blogspot.com/