by kabuki

This year we decided to go to Jaipur and Agra for a long overdue family holiday,and I must say it was a lot of fun. Luckily the weather was wonderful, it was cloudy and breezy the whole time we were there but it never rained even once.Also my sister and I bought a pair of shoes each,and while she found really funky multicoloured juttis, this sensible brown pair(see below) was the only thing available in my size (3 – yes i have tiny feet).Well, I suppose the pom pom is sort of cute.

Oh and also I saw the Taj mahal for the first time and it was so magnificent.I mean no photographs in the world can prepare you for the real thing.I was seriously going crazy being all touristy and clicking a million photographs, but for you guys I screened them so here- I give you ten.